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What is Property Guardianship and How Does it Work?

In recent times, property guardianship has risen in popularity. The premise behind this concept is to take Care of a property as a live-in tenant for reduced rent. This is a win-win situation for both parties because The property would otherwise remain unoccupied. However, instead of leaving The...
Posté par Le Télégramme le 17 April 2019
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How To Get Proof Of Onward Travel When Travelling One-Way

For those of us who like to Travel on a one-way ticket, it is essential you get proof of onward Travel, otherwise you won’t be able to board your flight. You don’t necessarily need to buy a return ticket to The destination you are leaving from. To help you out in this situation, here are a few...
Posté par Le Télégramme le 9 April 2019
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Yémen: Ryad et Abou Dhabi débloquent 200 M de $ d’aide pour le ramadan

L'aide pour le mois de jeûne ira à différentes agences de l'Onu, dont le Programme alimentaire mondial, l'Unicef et l'OMS
Posté par Times of Israel le 8 April 2019

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